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              construction machinery


              • Radial Press Concrete Pipe Machine
              • Vertical Vibration Concrete Pipe Machine
              • Roller Suspension Concrete Pipe Machine
              • Hume Concrete pipe machine
              • Pipe Cage Welding Machine
              • Centrifugal Spun pole /Pile Plant
              • Other machine for spun pole/pile plant
              • Concrete Block Plant
              • PCCP Concrete Pipe Plant
              • Concrete Mixer and Mixing Plant
              • Contruction Material
              • Hydraulic
              • Other Construction Machinery
              construction machinery equipment
              Centrifugal Spinning Concrete Pipe making Machine

              Centrifugal Spinning Concrete Pipe making Machine

              Working Principle:

              LWC series is the traditional Hume Concrete Pipe making machine; the most popular equipment to produce the reinforced Concrete pipes over the 20 years.

              Supporting wheels will be driven by the motor, High speed rotation will produce centrifugal acceleration; the concrete mixture will be congregated into the inner wall of mould and becomes density and solid at the function of the centrifugal force. Exhausting the extra water and air, the Concrete will form the standard  quality concrete pipe.


              1.      Easy to operate, good performance,

              2.      High rate of final pipes, smooth surface of pipe,

              3.      Capacity: 200-2000mm, Length 2-4 meter

              4.      Pipe end joint: Flat, Tonuge&groove, Spigot&socket.

              5.      Application: Concrete pipes Water Drainage, Storm Water, Sewage pipes, Agricultural Irrigation, Road Culvert, Power Plant Water treatment.

              Technical Details





              Pipe Diameter




              Pipe Length

              2-4 m

              2-4 m

              2-4 m

              Wheel  Distance

              950 mm

              1140 mm

              1420 mm

              Wheel  Material

              45# Cast Steel

              Motor Power

              VF-15-22 KW

              VF-30-45 KW

              VF-55-75 KW

              Rotation Speed

              60-600 r/min  4 step control

              construction equipment sale
              construction equipment sale
              construction equipment sale