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              construction machinery

              Plastic moulds

              • Road Curbstone Series
              • Concrete Manhole Series
              • Cover and U drains
              • Interlocking pavers and blocks
              • Railway/highspeed way fence
              • Others for the Road project
              • Roman Pillars and Columns
              • Balustrade and Post
              • Window and Roof Lines
              • Flower Pots and Animal moulds
              • All fencing mould
              • Silicone and stamp moulds
              • Vibration Table
              • Pigment
              • NEW Products
              construction machinery equipment
              Rail railing mould

              Guardrail purposes

              Guardrail is mainly used for the protection and protection of equipment and facilities in parking lots, business districts, public places, highways, high-speed railways, railways and other occasions. 

              Guardrail molding process

              Guardrail mold is a tool for the production of cement fence, and it is also a tool for giving the complete structure and correct size of the mold of cement fence.Injection molding is a kind of processing method of mass production of some complex parts. Specifically, it means that the materials melted by heat are shot into the mold cavity by high pressure, and the molded products are obtained after cooling and curing.If want to process the product that gives ideal injection mould, need to do maintenance to injection mould on weekdays

              construction equipment sale
              construction equipment sale
              construction equipment sale