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              construction machinery

              Plastic moulds

              • Road Curbstone Series
              • Concrete Manhole Series
              • Cover and U drains
              • Interlocking pavers and blocks
              • Railway/highspeed way fence
              • Others for the Road project
              • Roman Pillars and Columns
              • Balustrade and Post
              • Window and Roof Lines
              • Flower Pots and Animal moulds
              • All fencing mould
              • Silicone and stamp moulds
              • Vibration Table
              • Pigment
              • NEW Products
              construction machinery equipment
              Hollow brick mold

              Casting of hollow brick mold

              Coagulation and hollow brick mold details the annual usage is also high, from the concrete hollow brick mold production, transportation, use, maintenance, has a complete set of processes, such as concrete hollow brick mould is to use engineering polypropylene plastics injection molding machine injection molding, just need to set up the iron mould injection molding machine specification with customer provided completely conform to the drawings and start after the injection mould can produce the same as the drawing specification.

              Size of hollow brick mold

              Hollow brick is the main material of wall commonly used in the construction industry. Because of its light weight and less raw material consumption, it has become the first recommended product of the national construction department.Like red bricks, hollow bricks are commonly made from clay and cinder ash, usually 400x200x200mm、200x200x200mm in size.

              construction equipment sale
              construction equipment sale
              construction equipment sale