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              construction machinery

              Plastic moulds

              • Road Curbstone Series
              • Concrete Manhole Series
              • Cover and U drains
              • Interlocking pavers and blocks
              • Railway/highspeed way fence
              • Others for the Road project
              • Roman Pillars and Columns
              • Balustrade and Post
              • Window and Roof Lines
              • Flower Pots and Animal moulds
              • All fencing mould
              • Silicone and stamp moulds
              • Vibration Table
              • Pigment
              • NEW Products
              construction machinery equipment
              Notched two hole cover plate

              Scope of application

              The notched cover plastic mould of different specifications and sizes produced by notched cover mould factory has been warmly welcomed by the market. The notched cover mould is applied to projects including high speed railway, railway, high speed, municipal drainage, etc., which plays a very important role in the production of the notched cover prefabricated block.


              Notched cover plate mold factory currently accumulated more than a few hundred of the mold resources, although the specifications are more than, but the commonly used is not more than 20.In the use of notched cover plate, the two sides of the concave design is called notched.The design of the cover is to leave gaps where the two prefabricated blocks meet for water supply and drainage.

              Notched two hole cover plate 70*50*10cm

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              construction equipment sale
              construction equipment sale