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              Oceana's Third Automatic Cage Welding Machine HGZ300-1200 installed in Thailand

              Oceana's Third Automatic Cage Welding Machine HGZ300-1200 installed in Thailand 

              Hello Everyone, Nice to see you again! Have you still had the worry about how to make the wire cage for concrete pipe?

              Many of our customers in South East Asia,  still make the cage by manual way. and even some have the cage machine, but it still can't make the spgiot and Socket joint cage. so need large labor for the cage. 

              The Automatic Cage welding machine for concrete pipe manufactured by Shanghai Oceana have been sold over to many countries, and helpled our customers solved the wire cage production problem.  We have been in this cage machine and pipe machine export business since 2008. if you have the similar problem, please welcome to contact with us! 

              The following the thrid machine we sold to Thailand,  the pipe size from 300-1200, but length only 1m. with Male and female joint, also the spigot and socket joint.  let us share you the machine is being installed in Thaild. Thank you very much for your effort! ---Engineer Eric Zhang.